Super Flower Moon Message from Akashic Beings

This month we are having the second super full moon of the year! It will be brighter, closer and the effects will be stronger than before, since it is coming with an eclipse. It is called as “bloody moon” because of the reddish colour eclipse causes. It is good to be aware that the eclipse may bring confusion, insecurity and immorality on the global scale. Time to be open for spontaneity and to broaden our horizons.

To be exact, this month’s full moon will take place on 26 May 2021 at 13:13 CEST (UTC+2). Information if you are science curious.

If you are energy curious, there is more. I have some divine messages for you. I have channelled a beautiful message from Akashic beings about the energy of the super flower moon. It will be all about trust, taking things easy and speaking with clarity this month. It is important to be aware of the effect of the super bloody flower moon (OMG, the name feels weird when I write it like this) so you can experience this period as smooth as possible. 🌝

Super Flower Moon Message from Akashic Beings


You may be going through an intense period of emotional purge, confusion or worries. Be with you emotions. Trust that they are here to evolve you- to remind you the journey. You are much bigger than the journey, so whatever is not in that vibration of reminding you your oneness may drop. Trust it, even it seems unfair, very dramatic, or negative. Anything you experience in any time, both the past and the future, has been chosen by you. For reminding you, your power. For reminding you that you are much bigger than any human conditions you are holding onto. Trust it. Go through all with courage. Know that all is temporary and all is a beautiful gift- even if you cannot see it for a while.

Take things easy.

Do not start new things until the new moon if possible. Instead, be with yourself and give yourself a real time to go inwards. You have the permission of the Universe. Be with yourself and take things as easy as possible. It may be through taking more breaks from your work, giving yourself more time to be present in the moment, experiencing the emotions like peace, joy and harmony, or spending more time on a hobby of yours. Do what your intuition brings and shows you. Be open for the instructions, they are always there if you choose to be open.

Speak with clarity.

Speak your truth and pay attention to communicate in a simple and clear way- it is very needed on this full moon time. If you see unfairness, speak out. If you see immorality, speak out. You are not the only one who is seeing the duality with all its aspects. You will see the good and bad, right and wrong, beautiful and ugly. They are here for you to see them, observe them and know that all are you, and you are all. Speak your truth and be brave to share your voice, by keeping in mind that the separation is an illusion. Your perception is unique. You will be surprised how many souls you inspire by speaking from heart. Always listen to others that you do not necessarily agree, and don’t take anything personal- practice observation without reaction.

So it is.

How does it resonate with you? Let me know. Much love!



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Elif Hürdoğan

Elif is a meditation instructor, holistic healer and ceremony master. She organizes full moon and new moon ceremonies and writes channelled messages on moon.